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Canadian Dental Admission Aptitude Test
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Only  $59.95


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Quality Guaranteed. Yes!  Why? Unlike other review products, our questions are professionally written by college professors (those with Ph.D's) and follow the current 'scope of examinations' for your exam.  Our software is written by talented software engineers too!  TopScore Pro? is the leader. Don't be fooled by imitations and errors.  

ScholarWare's Exclusive Error Free Question Guarantee!

Recently another company tried to copy more of ScholarWare's cool features in their product and added "their own" Error Free Guarantee.  Although we were the first and still the best, we're going to change our guarantee to $10.  That's right!  We still guarantee that all our test questions are accurate and contain NO errors.  We'll give you ten bucks ($10) per question you find with an error. Find two questions, hey that's twenty bucks ($20)*.  

Now what professor, book, or other company in their right mind, would agree to that?  Well, we do and we guarantee our stuff!

We understand that there are times when YOU really think you know more than the professor.  Well now is your chance!  If you are actually right, and not WRONG, we'll contribute to your school tuition bill.

Now, we're not going to give you ten bucks ($10) if we are missing a period or some technicality on grammar.  So English majors we'll take your suggestions under advisement.  We are talking real errors!  

So, if you think you are right, you must provide us with your detailed solution and reference(s) that proves your point.  If the question has not already been submitted by one of your "colleagues", you get yourself ten bucks ($10).

Be sure to check our question fixes support page.  

Use our Support Request Form to submit your challenge.


*The total payout will not exceed the customer's total purchase price of the product.  All submissions will be reviewed for accuracy. Payout cannot be combined with any other reimbursement.  You must be a registered retail customer. Failure to comply voids your submission. No exceptions.